Feline Fun: Super Cats Prints Rule

Published on October 19th, 2013 | by WERTEE EDITORIAL

After seeing owls, we will feature another animal inspired t-shirt print but this time it is less serious. So, who among you here are cat lovers? You might like this collection we did where in your ... Read More


Remembering Abraham Lincoln in T-shirt Designs

Published on March 15th, 2013 | by WERTEE EDITORIAL

Everyone knows Abraham Lincoln since he is one of the successful Presidents of the United States of America. There are even so many books and movies about him. The recent Lincoln movie directed by Steven Spielberg ... Read More


Lovely and Entertaining Geisha T-shirt Designs

Published on March 1st, 2013 | by WERTEE EDITORIAL

Many of us have heard the name Geisha which is associated with the Japanese culture. Geisha are professional entertainers during banquets, meals and other gatherings. Their role is to give the guests a welcomed feeling through ... Read More


Stereo T-shirt Designs to Groove Music With

Published on February 25th, 2013 | by WERTEE EDITORIAL

For sure, most of us have seen stereos since they had been around for a long time already. Stereos have two or more speakers that make sound bigger even if it comes to one source. It ... Read More

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